President's Report November 2017
Date of Event : Thu Nov 23, 2017 2:35PM

President's Report November 2017

Despite the lack of overall team success so far this season, there has been a number of positives to come out of the games played.

We have seen some great individual performances. Harry J has shown he is a batsman of considerable skills and temperament. His innings against Box Hill was of the highest quality. Our homegrown talent has also shown some great signs. Sach, Awais, Paul, Alistair, Vaughan, Tyrell, Samir, Lachlan, James, Brad and Ben have all shown skill in at various stages to date.

Equally significant has been the opportunities that have been given to our younger players to experience playing in the afternoon with their more senior team mates. David, Adish, Daniel, Immi, Lachlan, Michael, Vish and Caiden have not only experienced senior cricket but have shown they are more than capable to play at this level. They are the future of our club!

At a time when team success is hard to find, it is important that we maintain our enthusiasm, and that we support and celebrate the achievements of each other. We need to continue to work hard to improve our individual and team skills and this means practicing how we want to play. While we are responsible for our attitudes and performance, we are obligated to support one another, ask for help if we need it, and do what we can to help make the club strong again. 

We don’t all want to have leadership positions, but we can support our leaders and club by:
Supporting each other and our captains,
Having a positive attitude and enjoying each other’s company,
Arriving on time to practice and games,
Paying your subs and ball fees at the appropriate times!
Wearing the appropriate team uniform at practice and on game days,
Going to the clubrooms after training and on match days after the game,
o Fold the covers,
o Put the cones and scoreboard out on game day,
o Collect ball fees,
o Spend time watching the juniors play
Don’t leave it up to someone else!

As we head towards Christmas and the mid season break, make sure we:
Maintain our enthusiasm and enjoyment, 
Train smart and with purpose, 
Support each other and enjoy each other’s company.

Life Membership Nominations

We are now taking nominations for Life Membership of the Endeavour Hills Cricket Club. Anyone who is thinking of nominating a member of the club should first read the criteria, fill in the nomination form and hand this to David. If you have any questions or queries, please see me.

'Go Eagles'


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Author: Jay Stent