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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
116016599021264992604924160Harry JohnsonEndeavour Hills2017/2018South/East 1st XI4 1Box Hill
21022146351264992605362102*Awais AhmedEndeavour Hills2017/2018South/East 3rd XI1 1Elsternwick
396601301126499278510196Imran AkramEndeavour Hills2017/2018Under 17 - 22 1Narre North
49071313126499260493990Richard A SanigaEndeavour Hills2017/2018South/East 1st XI6 1Malvern
57969201126499260538779Paul KirchnerEndeavour Hills2017/2018South/East 3rd XI4 1Box Hill
678100166126499260504178Manosh FernandoEndeavour Hills2017/2018South/East 2nd XI7 1Moorabbin
777107937126499260501977Ben LawEndeavour Hills2017/2018South/East 2nd XI4 1Box Hill
877390682126499260664477Dhanusha GamageEndeavour Hills2017/2018JC Craig Under 15 East Group6 1Box Hill
975107937126499260493975*Ben LawEndeavour Hills2017/2018South/East 1st XI6 1Malvern
1067717339126499278510167James InglisEndeavour Hills2017/2018Under 17 - 22 1Narre North
1160390682126499260664960*Dhanusha GamageEndeavour Hills2017/2018JC Craig Under 15 East Group7 1Noble Park
1255614190126499260536855Samir KazizadaEndeavour Hills2017/2018South/East 3rd XI2 1Balwyn
13541285866126499278499754*Noah JoseEndeavour Hills2017/2018Under 15 - 44 1Berwick
14531062400126499260493153*Nilochana PereraEndeavour Hills2017/2018South/East 1st XI5 1Brighton
1553399660126499260506153Declan BrunellEndeavour Hills2017/2018South/East 2nd XI10 1Caulfield
1651813150126499282136951David CharmanEndeavour Hills2017/2018Under 17 - 23 1North Dandenong
1751605413126499278480051*Lachlan HollisEndeavour Hills2017/2018Under 15 - 14 1Berwick
18501285902126499278499550*Sarmad SandhuEndeavour Hills2017/2018Under 15 - 43 1Silverton
1950319177126499260499450Alistair ReadEndeavour Hills2017/2018South/East 2nd XI1 1Elsternwick
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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